UNCTAD is implementing an integrated capacity building program called EMPRETEC and Business Linkage Program designed to create sustainable support structures that help promising entrepreneurs including agribusiness entrepreneurs to build an innovative and internationally competitive small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs),
thereby contributing to the development of a dynamic private sector.

In Tanzania two programs focus on strengthening entrepreneurship and business skills capacity along dairy value chain. Recent engagement of the programs is through a business linkages initiative with Tanga Fresh and TIC which helped promote milk supply efficiency in terms of quality and increased dairy business skills for smallholder dairy farmers (SHDF).

Current Activities Targeting Smallholders Farmers:

  1. Training of Lead farmers on farming as business and entrepreneurship skills.
  2. Linking smallholder farmers to the markets ( Tanga Fresh ) through Business Linkages Program.


  1. The Empretec methodology provide a gradual subject matter training which enables SHDF to completely understand particular subject area before graduated to another subject.
  2. UNCTAD have also developed and practiced a Business entrepreneurship startup tool (BEST) which is a very useful tool for upgrading farmers’ entrepreneurship and business skills which enables them to competitively engage in profitable agricultural value chains.
  3. BEST can be customized and upscaled to provide capacity building needs to various agricultural commodities.
  4. UNCTAD is willing to extend program approaches and benefits to SAGCOT area to complement other efforts within the corridor.


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