Litenga Holding Limited


Litenga Holding Limited (LHL) is an Agro-Business Company operating as a social enterprise along various agriculture value chains targeting smallholder farmers in cereals and pulses. Agribusiness is Litenga holding’s core area of interest with an aim of providing business solutions to agricultural challenges facing smallholder farmers in Tanzania particularly in Ruvuma (Songea) and Mwanza (Kwimba) Regions.
In Songea the company have over 80 smallhoder farmers groups and 38 groups in Kwimba in total a company have more than 20,000 farmers.
The company engagement with smallholder farmers is through identification of these farmers groups, upgrading them into formalized groups and connecting them to profitable supply and demand chain.
LHL has a secure market to farmers and will engage smallholder farmers to develop financing projects that would qualify for CTF Matching Grant.

Current Activities Targeting Smallholders Farmers:

  1. LHL has established an Agricultural Development and Innovation Centre (LADIC) at Nakahegwa village, Mbinga Mharule ward, Songea Rural District. The centre will specifically be providing agricultural services on agronomy, storage facilities market linkages and value addition technology.
  2. Developed an effective Marketing Information System and Automated Monitoring and Evaluation systems tracking benefits to smallholder farmer’s activities and investments.
  3. Engaged farmers in contract farming, commodity indenting, capacity strengthening and linked them with inputs and outputs markets at the price which is profitable to farmers.
  4. Established a marketing information Platform infrastructure (a Farmer Call Centre) in Dares salaam to provide a range of agricultural related information to smallholder farmers in the country.


  1. Have a wide database of smallholder farmers with detailed information on farm productivity level and marketing potential.
  2. Have a wide database for inputs and outputs markets which can be linked to smallholder farmers.
  3. Have an automated ICT based system for monitoring activities of smallholder farmers and off takers.


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