Hanns R Neumann Stiftuns


Is an international non-profit organization aiming at empowering smallholder coffee farmers and strengthen their ability to independently achieve better livelihoods.
In Tanzania the organization have facilitated about 25,000 coffee farmers’ households to operate agribusiness and increase their economic potential.
The company mission is to catalyze economic empowerment through farmers centered agribusiness development.
The company have a secure market to farmers and will engage smallholder farmers to develop financing projects that would qualify for CTF Matching Grant.

Current Activities Targeting Smallholder Farmers:

  1. Support farmers in establishing professionally managed and transparent farmer organizations that are capable of providing important services to their members.
  2. Provide support services to the farmers including professional training, inputs, financial and transport services.
  3. Facilitate access to domestic and international markets for smallholder coffee farmers.


  1. Developed a technical and management capacities of individual farmers and also the leadership of farmer organizations.
  2. Have wide database of smallholder farmers with detailed information on farm productivity level and marketing potential
  3. Have a wide database for inputs and outputs markets which can be linked to smallholder farmers.


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