Clinton Development Initiative


The Clinton Development Initiative (CDI) is the global initiative under Clinton Foundation which focuses on developing agribusinesses to empower smallholder farmers in maize, soya and barley to increase their economic potential.
In Tanzania, CDI is working with more than 4,000 smallholder farmers in more than 140 farmer groups and more than 60 lead farmers and demonstration plot owners.
In 2013 CDI established an integrated agribusiness model in Iringa region involving Ruaha Development Company to operate Ngongwa Farm, a 1000ha farm owned by the Agricultural Seed Agency (ASA).
CDI has secure market to farmers and will engage the smallholder farmers to develop financing projects that would qualify for CTF matching grants.

Current Activities Targeting Smallholder Farmers:

  1. Develop and operate agribusiness projects that empower smallholder farmers to increase their economic potential.
  2. Provide support services to the farmers including professional training, inputs, financial and transport services.
  3. Provide marketing and business linkages between smallholder farmers and the off takers.
  4. Developed a technical and management capacities of individual farmers and also the leadership of farmer organizations.


  1. CDI integrates commercial farms and other agribusinesses with agricultural extension and outreach services to increase farmers’ access to local markets and enable them to participate equitably in those markets.
  2. DI’s model puts farmers first by increasing their access to knowledge, inputs, and services to improve their crop yields and increase and diversify their incomes.
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